Our ethos

For your life and all that surrounds it.

A lot happens around the table

Tables are more than just tables. They’re where we break bread, tell stories, play games, and have real conversations. We believe we have created the perfect pieces where life can always gather.

Luxury-quality, made attainable.

Our wood is sourced from the old stone and wood homes in the intricate alleys of ancient Chinese cities. By establishing these partnerships, we create our tables at lower costs and sell direct to you removing the standard retail markups. Pikka will be adding woods from all over the world and are proud that we started by reclaiming wood from an unlikely source.

Authentically passed on to you.

This wood is old and that’s just how we like it. Most pieces feature marks from their past such as filled-in holes, weathered grooves or old joinery—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Every piece comes with an untold story—yours to build upon. Our hardwood finish completes the look for a refined balance between past and present.

Built to last. Made for real life.

Each component of the tables are handcrafted from sturdy, sustainably-sourced hardwood, solid wood and steel bases and quality finishing components. Grab a screwdriver, attach the legs and live your life on your new table.

“I want you to be able to gather around something true.”

Our story

I’m Andy, one of the founders of Pikka Design Co. In 2018, Pikka Design Co. was born out of the frustration of trying to find the perfect dining table that you felt truly great walking away with. Today, it feels like there are only two types of furniture – high end design at unreasonable prices, or poorly made disposables that aren’t made to fit your life and destined for the trash.

Having lived in China for 4 years, I witnessed homes from the ancient streets of China being torn down, making way for new structures. It broke my artist heart to see the time-earned character of the old wood get destroyed. To become particle wood for disposable furniture.

That’s when the idea was born. To build furniture from this sustainably sourced wood that was destined to be thrown away. While we could effectively work as wholesalers, I thought we would have a greater impact by selling directly to you, the consumer.

To create authentic tables where every piece is completely unique and has its own story. Crafted by our loving hands and passed on for you to gather round.

Andy Higgins

We combined the best
of today’s options

There was a gap in the furniture world and we took it upon ourselves to fill it. It’s that sweet spot between big box factories and craigslist garages. Where authentic stuff is handmade in multiples. Where consistent quality meets affordability. And where old-world pieces come quickly with the ease of a online purchase.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • High quality
  • Real materials
  • Thoughtful design
  • Lasts forever
  • Hand made
  • Expensive
  • 8 week delivery
  • Limited options
  • Lacks character
Premium Luxury
  • Quick
  • Affordable
  • Readily available
  • Easy to build
  • Consistent
  • Disposable
  • Looks cheap
  • Broken on arrival
  • Pain of choice
Fast Furniture

Buy a table.
Give a meal.

For every table purchased, we sponsor a community meal at a local organization that is near and dear to us.