How come you don’t use US wood?

Character in wood. Our reclaimed door wood is awesome!
Small enough to be handmade, big enough to be scalable.
Cost is real. Cost of goods go up about 80% for a similar product made only in the US. We are still open to finding a US option, if you know anybody have them email us!

How will my table get to me?

The top and base and accessories are all packed on a pallet that will be delivered to you driveway, blvd or loading dock. It will be up to you to get it in your home and put together. We send a link for how to assemble your specific table after each purchase. Assembly is easy and the videos make it very clear.  For Minnesota customers, we can arrange for white-glove delivery from our show room.

Is your wood kiln dried?

Yes, reclaimed and then kiln dried.

Should I expect splitting or cracking?

No, these are solid wood tables with no veneers. Solid wood does move with humidity and temperature changes, but our tables are built in a way to allow that subtle movement. If the conditions in your home is extreme however the likliness of splitting and warping is increased. “They” recommend keeping your home at a realtively humidity of 30 to 40 percent. I have found that tables do fine far outside that range.

What type of finish is on your tables?

Our tables are finished with a thin layer of polyurethane. Enough finish for a wipe-able surface but not so thick that the patina is buried under layers of plastic.

What do you recommend for up keep?

Mostly wipe with a damp rag or soapy rag. About once a month we will apply a product we get at the home depot called Feed -n-wax by Howard. 

Will they stain, like with red wine?

No, they will not stain, not even with red wine.

How long does it take to ship?

We will pack your table for shipment with in 2 business days of receiving your order. Shipment delivery depends on the carrier and region you are ordering from. Typically you receive your shipment within 10 to 14 days after ordering.

How smooth do are the tops finished?

Sliver free but not character free! We try to walk the line of honoring the woods time-earned character and being practical for the modern home. Old joinery holes are filled with wood plugs and then sanded smooth. We want to leave marks that showed this wood brings history to your home.

Where does the wood come from?

We reclaim wood from villages all over China. As China modernizes they are trading in the old hu-tong styled garden-homes in an endless grid of alley-ways for  the wide avenues and tall apartment buildings. The wood from these homes are either discarded, chipped up, or salvaged. We salvage. Collecting and processing this wood to give its hard earned patina a chance to shine in a home.

What is your warranty?

Pikka offers a full life-time warranty. It covers top and base and any other components. Small movements in the wood should expected. Hairline cracks may develop as the wood goes through environmental changes. Hairline cracks are not covered by the warranty, but anything crack one eight of an inch or bigger is. Any structural components or hardware is covered. If an issue is discovered we have the right to fix or replace. If a fix or replace solution cannot be found then we will give a full refund.

How does a return work?

Return must take place with in 5 days of receiving the product. It must be put back in its original packaging and set on the pallet for the freight company to pick up. Customer is responsible for the packaging and arranging the pick up of the item(s). Customer is responsible for the freight charge on a return.

Even more custom?

Yeah, Pikka is known for our fast custom, but we also do slow custom. Fill out our custom form here.