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Your table isn’t just about food. It’s where you nourish yourself, your friendships & your family. It’s where life gathers most. That's why it's worth it to set a table you’ll love to gather at. We exist to make that easy for you.

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Gather around something real. Something as authentic as life you want to live.

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Custom and fast aren’t two things you’d normally put in the same sentence, but we’ve got this down to a science…The rest comes down to you. Simply pick a top and base to create your perfect table and we’ll put them together with our custom components and ship within the week.

Pick it. Get it. Gather round.

Authentic. Real wood with a story

Pikka tables are really real. We use reclaimed wood, hardwood finished in a way that balances its time earned character and your everyday life. Most pieces of wood show of their past life such as filled in holes, weather grooves or old joinery.

What customers are saying

"the perfect, authentic look for our vibe"

"authentic materials, approachable design and prices"

"crazy fast, we picked the design and got in a week"

wood-loving artisans saving the streets

It hurts our artist heart to see the time-earned character of old wood get destroyed. To become particle wood for disposable furniture. Our furniture is made out of sustainable wood sourced from the streets of China that was destined to be thrown away. Your perfect table is not only great for you, it’s good for Mother Earth, too.